??[ Venus Online ] Let's join Us to ??Win 5000 Silk Free ??

??[EU-CH] - [Cap-130] - [Degree 14].

?New Degree 15 Items??

?New Weapons Style ??

?New Area Mobs 140 (Ice Temple)??

?New Flame Mountain Quest (Upgrade Lv 140)??

?Edit Skills (Lv 140)??

?Reborn System ?? Reward ??(Adv +10 Lock ??)??

?Upgrade Items D14 +(14/15/16)??No adv D15(Lock??) + (13/14/15)??

?New Egy Coin For Items D15 From Job?? ?Temple (Uniques) + Holly Water Temple

?New Premium 40%??

?New Ranks (Uniques STR/INT) Top 20 ??

?Edit Job Rank (Points)??

?New Npc D15 Items ??

?D14 Items add to Npc??

?Upgrade Pets (Lv 140)??

?New GodBless ??

?Lock ??Venus Coin And (Items)

?Lock ??Donate Coin And (Items)

?Remove Styles D14

?Edit New Donate Quests ??

?? Play2Win

??Game To All Players

enjoy your time??

?? Download Link

?? Discord Link