Registration Rules

Please read the rules of the VENUS ONLINE before Register

Note: Please read the details below !!

  • Terms of registration in server Venus Online :

  • - Do not use username or password used in another servers so as not to be robbed.

  • - Do not use fake data, you must use valid data and must keep it because you will need it to retrieve or change the password.

  • - Do not share your account or password with anyone, complaints about account hacking will not get any support from our staff. It is your responsibility to maintain the security of your account information.

  • - Respect the work team or the players. Any complaint, accusations of theft, spreading false information, bad words against the staff or the game, your account will be banned. Even if it was a joke. There is no justification..

  • - Racism is not allowed at all.

  • - Impersonating GM or players or using dubious names will lead to your account being banned..

  • - Do not use invalid names: are offensive, racist, or promote other servers, illegal software, or GMs impersonating names. Any other name considered invalid by the Venus official.

  • - The staff is not responsible for any player errors, such as buying the wrong item, cheating by other players, chemistry or plagiarism errors, charging from fake people other than the sales representative numbers on the site etc, The player will not get any kind of support in these cases. Your account is your responsibility. No excuses like, someone else was using your account, "I was joking" or you didn`t read the rules are rejected by the administration and there are no excuses in this context.

  • - There are no discussions of politics, conflicting countries/groups, or religious topics in public chat, private chat, or any other public medium. This is not the place for such discussions.

  • Notice :

  • - To report any cheating, abuse or breach of rules, please take screenshot or video as evidence, and report it to support section
    in user panel

    (on site in page