Game Coins

Welcome in Venus Online World



Drop from normal mobs
*Job Trade*
1 Star= 1B Gold
2Star= 2B Gold
3 Star= 3B Gold
4 Star= 4B Gold
5 Star=5B Gold

V Point/Silk

V Point

*Job Trade*
1 Star= 1V Point
2Star= 2V Point
3 Star= 3V Point
4 Star= 4V Point
5 Star=5V Point


We Make One Way To Get it you Should Play and have Fun with our Systems (No more).
1 Silk {Per Hour}

Arena Coin

Drop from all samrkand mobs Lv 120
Drop from all baghdad mobs Lv 130
Drop from all Shambhala (Ice Temple) mobs lv 140

Venus Coin

Quests in {Jangan}(NPC Area)..

NPC {New SysTem Special Daily Quest}

Egy Coin

Drop From Job Temple Uniques
Quests in {Jangan}(NPC Area)..

NPC {New SysTem Special Daily Quest}

Event Paice

you can find scroll in gold npc and
It's Recipe Between

Red Event-Yellow Event -Green Event-Blue Event
This Items reward in our events

CTF paice

Reward From CTF

Job paice

Drop From Job Temple Uniques
*Job Trade*
1 Star= 1J paice
2Star= 2J paice
3 Star= 3J paice
4 Star= 4J paice
5 Star= 5J paice

Arena paice

Reward From Arena

Holy paice

Drop From Holy Water Temple Uniques

Bouns Coins

You can win Bouns Coins From:
1-Special GM Events
2-By Quests To Join App Contact with facebook page
3- [Uniques STR/INT] Rank
4- Best[STR/INT/CH/EU] Events