Game Coins

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About {V Point} How To Get/Use

Be Carfull!!..

The currency of V-Point is one of the most important currencies and buy everything related to Silk if it exist.
To Get V Point..
We Make One Way To Get it you Should Play and have Fun with our Systems (No more).
1 V Point {Per Hour}

To Use*V point*..

U can Buy a Main Piece Of Weapon D(12&13) Collect the Recipe to it
Npc:{Hotan} D12 SET/ACC/WEAP~D13 Items New System Recipe and Dimension

About htw {Venus Coin} How To Get/Use

To Get Venus Coin From Two Ways..

Daily Quest in {Jangan}(NPC Area)..
NPC {New SysTem Special Daily Quest}
Monster: Collect From Jangan Cave (ALL B2)

second way by*Job Trade*..

1 Star= 1 Venus Coin
2Star= 2 Venus Coin
3 Star= 3 Venus Coin
4 Star= 4 Venus Coin
5 Star=5 Venus Coin
To Use Venus Coin..
in {Jangan}(NPC Area)..
NPC: SpeciaL Items (Venus Coin)

You can Buy Lots of special Things..


About htw {Set Coin} And htw {Acc Coin} How To Get/Use

To Get Set\Acc Coin From:

Alexandria Jop temple Thief/Hunter/Trader
Unique Scroll
Random Box

To Use Set\Acc Coin :

From Npc Area Npc Name :
Upgrade System to D14

Buy Set And Acc D14