you can got your own ID by contact with us on :whatsapp
  • 1.Game in family mode so respect is first rule in our game and who try broken this rule will be under punish.
  • 2.Each player is responsible for his own account,Venus Online is not responsible for your stolen or lost items.
  • 3. Items purchased by loading $ are for support to Venus Online. No rights can be claimed.
  • 4.Venus Online Management reserves the right to suspend a player from the game indefinitely or for a certain period of time, if necessary.
  • 5.Venus Online Management reserves the right to change the membership agreement without informing users, if necessary.
  • 6. I declare that I have taken the $ credits I have purchased from Venus Online at my own discretion and that I will not make a refund in any way or have the right to complain.
By registration, I accept the above membership agreement.